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  1. Jessica brown says:

    I would love the hot pink one!!! Hopefully i win!

  2. I would love to be enter into your Valentine’s Kitchen Aid give-a-away. Hope I am one of the luck 3.

  3. Please enter me in your valentine’s kitchen and give-away! Thanks!

  4. Leta Petty says:

    WOW enter my valentine in this great deal.

  5. I would appreciate it if you would enter me into the kitchenaid giveaway.

  6. Meredith Foster says:

    Oh the things I can do with one of these!!!!! Please enter me to win!!!

  7. Tracy Jacobson says:

    Have had my kitchenaid mixer for 25 years. It’s white and pretty worn out. Raised 5 kids with it. Could really use a new one!

  8. Please enter me in a chance to win the kitchen aid mixer.

  9. Please enter me in Valentine’s Kitchen Giveaway. I would love a Kitchen Aid

  10. Kristi Essman says:

    please enter my in your valentine’s kitchen aid give-a-way!

  11. Leisa Clayton says:

    I would love to have one of the pink ones. Thank you for giving us the chance to win.

  12. Stacey Kavert says:

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    If I won the KitchenAid mixer,
    I would scream, ‘WOOOHOOOOO!’ :)

  13. Would love that awesome bright pink mixer! Happy V-day to me!!!

  14. Kimalee Allred says:

    I need a new one mine just gave up after many many years!!

  15. Heather Z says:

    Im not sure how to enter but I love the light pink KitchenAid. It is such a great color.

  16. Happy Vslentines Day! My mixer just broke so this would be perfect!

  17. Wow! Would love this! Enter here? How?

  18. Kitchen-aid love it!

  19. Beth Nash says:

    A KitchenAid would be a dream come true! I was diagnosed with MS several years ago later found out that I have a second autoimmune disease similiar to rheumatoid arthritis. I had to leave the job I love due to health reasons. Not having to go to work everyday was fun-for about two days then I quickly decided that I had to find something productive to do with my life or else I might end up sitting on the sofa watching bad Tv day and night. Which everyone knows what that means …you end up ordering lots of things you don’t really need but that sounded good in the middle of the night. So I decided I wanted to do something beautiful and inspiring and could potentially brighten someones day. I decided that I’d like to be a baker.I checked out a lot of books which all say the same thing-’a really good mixer.’ I’ve bought everything I can and am just a mixer away from getting started on

  20. Lisa Moon says:

    Just love the colors you are giving away for February, the Valentine’s Day month, which also happens to be my birthday month. All of them are gorgeous, but the pastel pink one is just so neat. I have teal accents in my kitchen with a retro teal bar stool/step stool and the pink one would look so great in my kitchen. I also have pastel pink accents in there. Love the retro look. My husband bought an older one from a co worker for me. I absolutely love it and use it quite a bit. 3 gluten free and allergy kiddos, so sure comes in handy. So cool of you to do this giveaway this month and with those absolutely neat colors.

  21. I have really one for along time.vHope I’m lucky.

  22. LaNell Johns says:

    What a fun way to enter!

  23. Becky Thompson says:

    I have acepted all of the sponsers on pinterest, and I really hope that I can win the mixer. I have never had one and I love to cook. I have arthritis in my hands and shoulders, so a mixer would really help. Thank you for this opportunity to enter.

  24. Following all…..thax

  25. Dona Cartmill says:

    Love your site! Learned about it through recipelion ezine.

  26. Cheryl Grimes says:

    I would love to own a mixer like the ones pictured above but I just can’t afford it. I love making sweets/goodies and giving them away and seeing the “smile of approval” from peoples faces :) And my hand mixer just died the other day :(

  27. I love the hot pink one!!!

  28. Laura Hughes says:

    What a great contest! I’ve always wanted a kitchen aid mixer,but I can never find that much extra money. I love the new pintrest sites too.

  29. Janet Wooten says:

    Pick me, pick me, pick me,,,

  30. Done oh would love to win this.

  31. I love to bake and cook a lot at home. I don’t have a mixer so I’ve had to improvise! haha I would so love to win

  32. Followed all of the Pintrests’ this is the perfect giveaway for VDay

  33. Sheyla Gaacia Solares says:

    me encanta la pink!!

  34. would love love love to have this!!!

  35. I also would LOVE to win one of these mixers too… ;)

  36. Jackie leDoux-Trouard says:

    love all the party idea pinterest pages; following 6 or 7 of them. Love to win a RED kitchenaid!

  37. Pretty in pink and much more useful!

  38. Don’t want to brag or anything but i heard that i am a great cook!! And my boyfriend LOVES my cooking! i love it myself too, and i don’t have any mixtures or anything! I am all old school or the long way lol I would love to win one of these to get an upgrade! And let me just say that it ends on our monthly anniversary :D Because every month counts too ;)

  39. Garrann Hobbs says:

    I would LOVE to have a KitchenAid!!! I’ve been wanting one for a very long time.

  40. I have always wanted a kitchenAid :)

  41. Gina Harmon says:

    Would love one of the gorgeous colors!

  42. Pamela S. Barrett says:

    have always wanted one but couldn’t afford one, to win would be awesome have heard good things about them

  43. I NEED a kitchen aide, I dont even own a mixer. Would be 4~ever grateful! <3

  44. I’m following all of them! And hope to get an exciting new present!

  45. Katie Sutton says:

    I love the hot pink one.

  46. I have always wanted one like my moms.She is always using hers to make special treats for us.

  47. Lisa diehl says:

    Love the blog. Need to get a one..don’t own one…..

  48. Would love to win this for a wedding gift for my daughter.

  49. Sally Finlayson says:

    I have always wanted one!

  50. Brenda Cline says:

    I would love to have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, in Red would be great.

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