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Back to School.

Wow!! Holy Smokes, it has been forever since we have blogged, but we are back and boy do we have some good things in store for you!!

Can you believe its the end of summer all ready!? I have been trying to deny this fact the last few weeks, because lets face it Summer is just the best season of them all.

With school back in session it is definitely starting to feel like Fall is just around the corner. I don’t know if its just me, but this last week or so I have been getting a pretty giddy about it! One thing that stinks about being a grown up (well if we are being honest there is a TON that is crappy about being a grown up) but one of the major issues is that we don’t get to go back to school shopping for ourselves! I hate it, it seriously makes me wish I would have taken just a little longer to graduate from college! So, since I don’t get to go back to school shopping I get my fix by pinning a bunch of super cute outfits on Pinterest! Here are a few looks we are oober excited about this fall…93c84d6f8c3697ec8d14dee06354bc08elle-london-fashion-week-street-style-45-xln-lgn62abf30bf4173c23cc73705025dabdbf951a0fc150ac6aa73b3be74bcccfbe994136006bbc2ebbac0d551f9f3974abca

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A few staples to watch out for this Fall…

Military Jackets

Ankle Boots

Camo Print

Leather Strap Watches



and Layering, Layering, Layering!!!




  1. Do you know who makes the bag with the jean inserts in the bottom photo. Love it! Loved all the photos. Thanks!

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