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About PersonalizeMeJewelry

I grew up in Europe and studied Fashion in Paris and London where I lived for many years.

I’ve always worked in the Fashion Industry but have always been more attracted to the accessories side of it and so a few years ago I decided to try designing personalized pieces for my friends and family. Soon I had more and more people asking me to design jewelry for them and so I decided to do it full time.

I love what I do. To create something personalized for someone means that you are creating a piece that has a story behind it, whether it is their children’s names, a reminder of a special occasion or a reminder of loved ones who are far away. Every single piece means something special to the person who will receive it.

  • I work with different metals , sterling silver, gold filled, brass and aluminum and create pieces to suit every price range.
  • I sell online as well as in boutiques in both Europe and the USA.
  • I am currently working on a whole new collection and a brand new website to be launched soon.

As well as personalized pieces, I also design or adapt fashion pieces to suit current trends. I love everything that glitters and shines and is full of color :)

Things I love – My family
Favorite Movie – The Notebook
Favorite Food – Pasta
Favorite Vacation – South of France
Favorite Quote – “Its not about the number of breaths that you take,its about the moments that take your breath away.”


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