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Thoughts in Vinyl



About Thoughts in Vinyl

My name is Janae. I have lived in Idaho my whole life and love living here until it is winter time, then I dream of moving some where warm ;) I have been married to my wonderful husband, Jay, for 13 years. He is my rock. We have had 6 fun and busy kids (two of them are adopted…they grew in my heart instead of my tummy). I love being a wife and mother. I wouldn’t trade that for anything!

Jay is so great, he supports me in anything. I have been know to keep him up late at night working on a sewing or craft project. He can claim he made two of his daughters skirts (almost by himself), however, depending on who he is with…he may not be willing to share this little sewing secret! We make a great team and love dreaming up new ideas together.

I have always loved making crafts! Ever since I was little I have been gluing, painting, sewing, and embellishing anything I could get my hands on.

Thoughts in Vinyl was founded in February 2006. Jay encouraged me to buy a vinyl machine, and I quickly agreed. It was a perfect fit for my creative outlet, and it was a fun way to make some extra money as a stay at home mom of two little kids (at the time).

My love for crafts has grown into a business that supports our family and we even have a few employees to help us get everything done each day. On our website, you can order unfinished craft kits, wood letter sets, wooden shapes, and wall lettering. Customers can purchase crafts to finish on their own, or even host a craft group party through our craft group program and earn money and free crafts.

About a year ago, we bought a machine that can cut out wooden letters. This was such a fun addition to our wood shop because now our limit of what we can offer for our unfinished craft kits seems endless!

Each month we add new craft kits to our website. Typically most of the craft kits are for the upcoming holiday or season, but we always throw in a few every day items too. One of our newer and most popular items is our interchangeable HOME letter sets. Each month you can swap out the letter “O” for a new shape. These are fun to make and we have lots of different shapes to choose from.

I still have to pinch myself to make sure that I am not dreaming. Thoughts in Vinyl has been a huge blessing to our family, and we are so grateful for our wonderful customers.

Now, both our family and business have grown so much. As a mother of six I am able to stay at home with my kids and work full time doing both things I love . . . running a fun and creative business and spending time with my family.